I have been elected six, consecutive times to serve as District 8’s City Councilor, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work I get to do for you and for Tulsa.

I love this city, my hometown, and I'm wired to pour my heart and soul into what I love. Tulsa is not a thing to me; it's a part of me. Its place in my life grows every day, because of what it gives to me, and what I see it give to others. My hope is that you see Tulsa the same way.

My values are part of everything I do: professionalism, perfection, integrity, civility, and humility. Because I expect these traits of myself, I expect them from others, especially those at City Hall, who are responsible for serving others at all times and in all conditions. Though our work is never done, the work we do today at City Hall has advanced considerably to be more efficient and customer-focused, equating to fiscal constraint and far better services.

If I have a reputation as a Councilor, it is rooted in solving problems, communicating clearly, and actually doing the work. My best work is engaging deeply in and leading our most complex issues, from building consensus among homeowners' associations and city engineers during road projects to assembling major, multi-year, billion-dollar sales tax packages that voters review and approve. I constantly communicate with residents, particularly during the flood emergency and a wide variety of street widening and construction projects that impact commute times and quality of life. And, I enjoy making a resident's day better with things that seem straightforward, like personally and immediately addressing someone's missed trash pickup or having a pothole repaired. Whether an issue requires long-term coordination, open and transparent communication, or a simple solution, I aim to provide residents with quick, early, and accurate information, before they start searching for answers.

Over my ten years as a Councilor, twice as chair, I've led in these efforts, which will forever shape and benefit Tulsa:

  • Invest billions of dollars in visionary projects, street widening, a south Tulsa dam, and infrastructure through three tax packages (Improve Our Tulsa 1 and 2, and Vision) that were all overwhelmingly supported by voters;
  • Strengthen public safety through a permanent fund to employ 160 police officers and 65 firefighters and invest $100s of millions in additional equipment, vehicles, and the Real Time Crime Center;
  • Beautify Tulsa through a unique ordinance that has caused 100s of thousands of illegal advertising signs to be removed, and allocate over $70MM to bury ugly utility lines, light city streets, and maintain medians;
  • Invest $2.25MM to support and expand offerings for local arts organizations over the next 15 years; and,
  • Appropriate over $100MM in Pandemic Relief Funds, including business and arts continuous operation grants, workforce training, golf course improvements at Page Belcher and Mohawk, the animal welfare shelter, and a first-ever investment in Tulsa's municipal court system to markedly expand the court's ability to serve customers while increasing access to courts, specialty dockets, and mental health services.

I am deeply satisfied with what I've accomplished as a Councilor and look forward to continuing to do the work for our City and district. My seniority on the Council matters: I know who to talk to, how to push projects through the governmental system to completion, where to identify funding, and how to maintain decorum and professionalism when mindsets differ. There are so many more opportunities to do good for Tulsa and I humbly ask for your continued trust and vote on August 23rd.