Lakin widens our streets. It’s easy to see that Lakin kept his commitment to widen our roads, with the on-time completion of 101st and Yale widening and the two ongoing projects on Yale and on 81st.  Lakin lifted the widening moratorium of old councils and restored $100s of millions to make critical widening possible agai...Read More
Lakin communicates with his neighbors. Lakin constantly communicates and connects with District 8 residents in-person and through social media.  During the 2019 flood, Lakin provided Keystone release rates, flood maps, and emergency plans in real-time, so neighbors were able to react and prepare for the quickly changing conditions.  He...Read More
Lakin shapes the future of Tulsa. Phil led efforts on Tulsa’s three latest capital packages, all approved overwhelmingly by voters:  Improve Our Tulsa, Vision Tulsa, and Improve Our Tulsa 2.  Collectively, these packages dedicated $1.2 billion to streets and transportation - four times more than what was invested in the previous...Read More